Our Impact

ACTS Prince William Food Rescue (PWFR) is modeled after the 412 Food Rescue program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The 412 Food Rescue program has emerged to be one of the fastest growing food recovery organizations in the United States, redirecting more than 10,000,000 pounds of food from landfills to nonprofit organizations serving communities experiencing food insecurity. This translates into 8.3 million meals served and an estimated retail value of $14 million in only three years (March 2015-February).

By bringing the 412 Food Rescue model to the Prince William Region, we anticipate the same exponential increase in food access points and corresponding decline in food insecurity. Our network of food donors and distributors will enable low-income families access to healthy foods that would have otherwise been out of reach. PWFR has incredible potential to eliminate hunger, improve public health, and positively impact the environment.

PW Food rescue worker loading up car with donated food

Year One Performance

Statistics for the period:

August 14, 2019 – August 14, 2020


  • 2,950 Completed Rescues
  • 626,957 Pounds of Food
  • $1,047,019 Food Value
  • 326,174 Meals equivalent
  • 338,557 Pounds CO2 mitigated

Direct Deliveries

  • 1,251 Completed Rescues
  • 55,334 Pounds of Food
  • 28,787 Meals Equivalent


  • 1,935 Completed Rescues
  • 2,461,583 Pounds of Food
  • $4,110,844 Food Value
  • 1,280,637 Meals Equivalent


  • 6,136 Completed Rescues
  • 3,143,874 Pounds of Food
  • $5,250,270 Food Value
  • 1,635,598 Meals Equivalent
  • 338,557 Pounds CO2 Mitigated
  • 65 Donor Partners
  • 78 Distribution Partners
  • 1,636 Food Rescue Heroe